Tired of the Same Ol’ Smoothies?: Reinventing Your Smoothie Game

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Hey Lovelies! It’s almost Friday and it’s hot & sunny here in Southern California.  It looks like winter has left us and it seems to be thawing out allover the country.  Dare I say spring is in full effect?  If you are anything like me and have been drinking heavier smoothies during the winter months, […]

Greening Your Water: Is Chlorophyll All It’s Hyped Up to Be?


Hey Beauties!   How are is your week starting out?  I’m coming off of a two week spring break with my boys & let me just say, homeschooling is not in our future.  The first week they went to surf camp & they were gone all day so I really missed them.  I worked hard […]

Shed Winter Weight, Eat Clean & Feel Great. *GIVEAWAY*

winter weight

  Hey Beauties! How is everyone doing?  I am blown away that we are so far into 2014!  Spring is officially here and we all know that means.  In just a few short weeks we will be baring arms and legs and maybe even a little midriff.   (BTW- whose brilliant idea was it to […]

WTF is Oil Pulling?: The Untold Story

coconut oil pulling

Hey Lovelies! That title sounded super-dramatic, right?  Well my story isn’t really dramatic.  Maybe traumatic if you consider the countless number of times I gagged, the 20 (ok, 7) minutes of my life I’ll never get back or the additional 20 (ok, 5) minutes it took me to get rid of the taste.  The big […]

Are you in a Smoothie Rut? Try a Beauty Bowl

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Happy Friday! Gotta leave that 9 to 5 up on the shelf & just enjoy yourself.  That’s ma JAM!!!  (If you are clueless right now, you seriously need to polish up on your Michael Jackson discography.) How is everyone feeling today?  Me?  Meh . . . It finally happened.  I got sick!  I have a […]

Eliminating Stress & Negativity: Intro to Emotional Freedom Technique


  Hey Lovelies! How many of you have heard of Emotional Freedom tapping or EFT?  If you are dealing with stress, anxiety or emotional/mental roadblocks (Isn’t that everyone over the age of 25?!) this post is for you. I was saving this topic for one of my subscribers to post on but her life just […]